Alvarado, Texas

Alvarado, TX Real Estate, Alvarado Area and Community Information

Alvarado TX homes are beautifully crafted, many of them in the Spanish architectural design. If you’re a fan of this style of home, then you might want to consider turning to the Alvarado TX real estate market in your next home search. However, just as important as liking the style of Alvarado homes is, it is also important for you to like the community that Alvarado real estate is located in since you will become a part of that community.


Alvarado is located in Johnson County, and it is the oldest city in the entire county. Therefore, you can expect many of the Alvarado homes for sale to be historical homes, especially if they are located in the historic district of the city. The area isn’t a very large area, encompassing a mere four square miles, and according to the U.S. Census Bureau, its population in 2010 was a little more than 4,000 people. However, don’t let the small size fool you. The area is an agricultural region that produces many crops each year for its community. .

Parks and Recreation

Alvarado properties have convenient access to the Alvarado Park Lake. Part of what makes Alvarado’s park so attractive to the Alvarado home buyer is that not only is it a lovely park littered with benches, pavilions, grills and gardens, but it also features the lake where park visitors can enjoy aquatic activities like fishing and boating. The predominant fish species found in the Alvarado Park Lake are largemouth bass, channel catfish, white bass and crappie, all of which locals deem to be good fish for eating. 

Attractions and Activities

Real estate in Alvarado is in close proximity to the attractions that Fort Worth and Dallas have to offer. However, there are some small town attractions in Alvarado itself as well. For instance, Alvarado has quite an impressive public library that is steeped in history and offers residents numerous programs. For instance, the library hosts writing classes and movie showings for adults, children and teens. There is even a place where children and teens can play interactive games at the library.  


Any Alvarado resident can inform interested home buyers that although Alvarado is a small area, there is plenty going on there. Some of the types of events that go on in the area include senior potluck dinners, recycle days and antique alley days. 

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